M. O. C.

cropped-954a0395.jpg“I could draw you a picture
I could write all my fears
I could read you a scripture of tears
And I know, no matter how much colder
Or how much I carry on my shoulders
As long as I’m standing, I’ll be closer
Cause it ain’t over, ’til it’s over
But we don’t get down
No, we don’t get down
We can turn this ’round
And maybe
It’s today ah yeah”
James Arthur

This!!!! ^^^^

These lyrics – me in a nutshell these days. Expect I’ll probably need to add some wine to the scenario, ’cause parenting isn’t for the weak!
NO, this isn’t another blog about a mom who does nothing but complain about all the things she doesn’t get to do or the things she constantly has to do, all because she became a mom. And it’s also in no way a call to everyone out there getting wasted to the point where they don’t remember their kids’ names! But you know, sometimes it’s just nice to hear, or read, about other moms who struggle just like you do. Who think it’s perfectly normal to NOT be perfect. Moms who struggle with themselves in more than one aspect, who question themselves (a lot), and who love their offspring with all that they are. But that doesn’t mean you constantly have to take their s**t and fall for their manipulative and blue eyed stories about how they didn’t do it, didn’t start it, or it was all just “a(n) ax(cc)iden(t) Mama” all while smiling and batting their beautiful eyes. This blog is for moms who raise a glass of wine, or five, to other moms, to their kids and convincing them they went to bed the same time as always (except it was two hours early), to themselves for not giving up, to anyone who needs it.
This is a blog of honesty. And feelings. And failures. And successes. And dreams. A blog full of love. And anger. And frustration. A hideout for you and me. Imagine one of them super cute teepee’s we all want for our Pinterest inspired kids rooms, just a little bigger so we all fit in all nice and snug, juice boxes filled with wine instead, and most importantly, 5 locks and a sign that reads “Moms ONLY”.

Want to join the MOC? The Moms Only Club? Then put down the glass of wine, raise your right hand and repeat after me:

I Mom,
hereby pledge to always lift other moms up. Whether it be in spirit or in person. I shall never bully another mom for her different views or parenting style. I promise to always be the best version of myself and keep my children safe. KIDS FIRST. Wine second.

High five. You did it.


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